Monday, October 15, 2007

DC Top Ten, Grand Finale:

Winning handily (he apparently had ample time to plan ahead), it's Batman with 207 points. Batman seriously almost doubled up on every other competitor, and that's very nearly terrifying.

Marvel Top Ten, Thrilling Conclusion:

Topping the list with 128 points, it's the always-relatable everyman who invented a web polymer he later coincidentally started excreting (after marrying a fashion model/soap opera actress, a relationship he'll probably have to magically trade for the life of his billion-year-old aunt, who has died at least once - wait, no, that was an actress an industrialist hired solely to screw with him, sorry), the amazing Spider-Man.

DC Top Ten, Number Two:

With 124 points, always the bridesmaid, it's Tim Drake.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Marvel Top Ten, Number Two:

With 118 points, it's the insensate star-spangled Avenger, the no-longer-living legend of World War 2 and your second-favorite character in the Marvel universe, Captain America.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Top Ten, Also Receiving Votes...

Before we get into the top two for each universe, a quick rundown of characters that almost made the cut:

Iron Man. Hah hah, just kidding - Iron Man received exactly zero points; in fact, more people voted for the Scarlet Spider (18 total points) than Tony Stark. Which makes me wonder how the Hell Marvel's going to get themselves out of this pickle jar, especially with a movie on the horizon. Memory erasing machine? Done that. Younger version of the character pulled from the time stream? Yeah, that too. Different guy in the armor? Also done. It was an alien pretending to be Tony for the last four years? Stop the presses!

Hawkeye. Hawkeye pulled 61 points, tying him with the Jamie Reyes iteration of the Blue Beetle. 61 points was enough to put both characters in about fourteenth overall on their respective lists. Green Arrow had one second-place vote and was beaten badly by his slampiece, Black Canary, who fishnetted 64. So she totally settled.

Ted Kord. 47 points, handily beaten by his replacement.

Vibe. One number one vote. Zero votes in any other position. Guess who put him in first.

Guy Gardner. 49 points, making him the top Green Lantern vote-getter, above Alan Scott's 44 and John Stewart's 22. Stewart actually finished behind Red Tornado, bafflingly. Hal Jordan pulled a Tony Starkian zero and Kyle Rayner had something like twelve points, if you're curious. I think there were a couple Kilowog votes, too. Shocking lack of G'nort, all things considered.

J Jonah Jameson. Came in eleventh on the Marvel side with 68 points.

Luke Cage. 64 points, beating current critical darling and former partner Iron Fist by a solid 24.

The Legion. If you voted for one Legionnaire, you tended to vote for, like, six, splitting their votes like a Bull Moose presidential bid.

Wildcat. At 51 points, he beat Wonder Woman by one. Which I think is awesome.

DC Top Ten, Number Three:

Rolling into third place with 119 points, it's Oracle.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Marvel Top Ten, Number Three:

With 110 points, it's the one-who-knows, the son of Kismet, the spacefaring Starhawk!

Hah hah, just kidding, it's the Thing.

DC Top Ten, Number Four:

With 114 points, a man of steel so given to appearing on absurd covers I'm pretty sure what I've done here barely qualifies as a joke and your number four favorite character in the DCU, Superman.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Marvel Top Ten, Number Four:

Clearly riding to number four on the coattails of her legendary rogue's gallery, it's She-Hulk with 108 points.

DC Top Ten, Number Five:

With 91 points, the Clown Prince of Crime and your number five favorite character in the DCU, it's the Joker.