Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three-Minute Warning.

I'm giving the top twenty-five lists until eight PM eastern before I math the Hell out of them, so hop to if you're going to hop at all.


Edited at 9:07 to add: I'll hold out on the results until tomorrow in case west-coasters and people from far afield, possibly fictional countries want to shoot me anything after they get off work, but at present, it's looking like Beast, J Jonah Jameson and Thanos are coming in at eleven through thirteen on the Marvel list, so if you've got a weird boner for cigar-chewing newspaper editors or death-worshipping Starfox siblings, you might want to push them up your ranks accordingly.


Jon Hex said...

Isn't the guy on the right Umaga?

And isn't that the lamest premise for a tag team, ever?

Isaac said...

I totally should have voted for JJJ. I like him better than like ten of the people on my Marvel list. ARGH!

Jon said...

The lamest premise for a tag team ever is whenever the WWF/E thinks that hicks are hysterical.

Especially when they forget that they already have a hick tag team on one show and put a more different hick tag team on the other.