Monday, September 17, 2007

Hulk doesn't understand science, robots, Spoon

So the girlfriend, she went and met Keepon. Keepon's an adorable, marshmellow Peep-looking robot programmed to look at you lovingly while dancing as cutely as an entire button factory, see.


He promises futures filled not with Randian dystopias and androids dreaming of electric sheep, but foam snowmen shakin' it like a drunken relative seven rum and cokes into a cousin's wedding.

Anyway, here's the girlfriend with Hideki Kozima, Keepon's developer. Hands off my Kool-Aid, scientician.
And here is Keepon in all his foamy glory.
Don't you just wanna hug the crap out of that thing?


Scipio said...

Actually, my first instinct is to feed it to my dog.

Valley said...

You gotta put a stop to that shit going on in the first picture before it goes too far.