Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DC Top Ten, Number Six:

The last character you'd want gambling picks from is your sixth-favorite character in the DCU - with 79 points, Booster Gold.


Gyuss Baaltar said...

Finally! Go Booster!

Isaac said...

Wait... If Booster's from the future, shouldn't he be able to give really good gambling picks?

Or is it a problem because he's, like, from an alternate future now, or something? I don't pretend to understand his current status in "continuity."

Jon said...

Maybe Skeets is against gambling and provides shoddy picks. Also equally likely: I put up the second-to-last revision of the picture and didn't notice until just now.

Jon Hex said...


Scipio said...

I didn't laugh at all.

UNTIL I saw "future records spotty at best". Then I became incontinent with amusement.

But really ... who puts Booster GOld in their TOP TEN?!