Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A sad, sad game:

Let's play Still Going, Renumbered and Canceled! Here's your game card, a Marvel subscription ad from the first quarter of 1992:Poor Thing, having to hoist that gigantic list of comic books. Guy can't catch a break. Anyway, the game is simple: we look at the title and say whether it's Still Going, has been Renumbered (that is, if it's started over with a new number one - I'll count it as being Renumbered twice if it's then reverted back to its original numbering) or if it was straight-up Canceled. I'm not counting books that were canceled for any length of time and then relaunched as being Renumbered - like, say, X-Factor. I'm doing this from memory, so any corrections would be appreciated.

Starting with the fifteen dollar titles (holy jumpin' Jesus, have comic prices ever skyrocketed):

Amazing Spider-Man: Renumbered. Twice.
Avengers: Renumbered. (Heroes Reborn, Heroes Return, Heroes Get Written By Bendis)
Avengers West Coast: Canceled.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book: Apparently they could defeat Death, but not editorial. Danny Fingeroth is the balls at Connect Four, I swear. Canceled.
Captain America: Renumbered for Heroes Reborn and then at least twice since.
Conan: Canceled, moved to a different company.
Daredevil: Renumbered.
Darkhawk: Canceled.
Fantastic Four: Renumbered. Three times.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Canceled.
GI Joe: Canceled, moved to a different company.
Incredible Hulk: Renumbered. Twice.
Iron Man: Renumbered for Heroes Reborn and, I think, three times since.
Marvel Tales: Canceled.
Marvel Age: Canceled, relaunched recently.
Namor: Canceled.
New Warriors: Canceled, relaunched as an ongoing, Canceled again, followed by a couple of minis. Which I guess you could count as being Renumbered if you were really pedantic.
Punisher: Canceled, relaunched with a mini where he had magic guns and hung out with angels, relaunched as a Max book.
Quasar: Canceled.
Sleepwalker: Canceled, almost revived on the Epic imprint, but nothing ever came of that.
Silver Surfer: Canceled, relaunched, Canceled again.
Spectacular Spider-Man: Canceled, relaunched, Canceled again.
Super-Pro: Canceled before its time.
Thor: Canceled around Heroes Reborn, relaunched, Canceled again ahead of Civil War.
Uncanny X-Men: Still Going. Holy Christ, our first Still Going, and we're on freaking U.
Web of Spider-Man: Canceled.
X-Factor: Canceled, relaunched.
X-Force: Renumbered (and renamed), Canceled.
X-Men: Still Going. Good for them.
X-Men Classics: Canceled.
Wonder Man: Canceled. Relaunched recently.
What If: Canceled (for the second time - this is the second volume, right?), revisited a couple times, but only as one-shots and minis.
What The?: Mercy killed, with at least one one-shot since.

Then-newly launched books, still fifteen bucks a year:

Cage: Canceled, with at least a mini since.
Silver Sable: Canceled.
Toxic Crusader: Canceled.
Wrestling WCW: Canceled, unsold copies since purchased by Vince McMahon and used as rolling paper.

Specially Priced Books:

Marvel Comics Presents: Canceled, but Marvel could totally use an anthology series like this now, I think. Especially if they're trying to convince me that they have fifty active superteams in America alone.
Alpha Flight: Canceled, relaunched, Canceled, and, I think, relaunched and Canceled again.
Dr Strange: Canceled, and I don't think he's had more than a mini to himself since.
Moon Knight: Canceled, recently relaunched.
SHIELD: Canceled.
She-Hulk: Canceled, relaunched, Renumbered.
The Nam: Canceled.
Deathlok: Canceled, relaunched (you remember that Marvel Tech line, or whatever it was called? I think it was Deathlok, Machine Man and, like, Warlock and none of them made it more than a dozen or so issues? Roundabouts the same time Quicksilver had a thoroughly inadvisable solo book? Wowzers), Canceled.
Excalibur: Canceled, relaunched.
Ghost Rider: Canceled, relaunched.
Punisher War Journal: Canceled, relaunched.
Punisher War Zone: Canceled.
Spider-Man Magazine: Canceled. I think it came back for a minute around the release of the first movie, but I might be wrong, there.
Wolverine: Renumbered. Maybe more than once, now that I think about it.
Warlock & the Infinity Watch: Canceled.
Groo: Canceled, moved to another company.
Conan Saga: Canceled.
Savage Sword of Conan: Canceled (I'm actually kind of shocked the market ever supported three different Conan books - which I probably shouldn't be, given the Punisher had three books out at the same time and Spider-Man had three monthlies and a magazine).

Then-New Specially Priced Books:

Terror, Inc: Canceled. Begging for a relaunch. C'mon, the guy's pretty much a zombie, and they're shitting out like three Marvel Zombie books a week now. Pretty soon, the covers will be references to prior issues of Marvel Zombies. Let Terror fight Bruce Campbell for a month and see if anyone notices.
Motormouth: Canceled.
Ghost Rider/Blaze: Canceled.
Morbius: Canceled.
Nightbreed: Canceled.
Hell's Angel: Canceled. And sued by bikers.
Warheads: Canceled.
Pendragon: Canceled.
Digitek: Canceled.
Darkhold: Canceled. A note on most everything south of Nomad - Marvel UK didn't do so hot, did it?

So, by my dead reckoning, that's two books (Uncanny and Merely Canny X-Men) that haven't been canceled or renumbered since May of 1992. Good golly, huh?


Devon said...

Wow. How's that for market stability?

"Sued By Bikers" will be the name of my new electronica band, by the way.

Scipio said...


Need you to email me about the podcast; I don't have your email!

SanctumSanctorumComix said...


A couple of "corrections":

MARVEL TALES - has been relaunched, and again, it's a reprint book.
(along with Marvel Heroes, Marvel Two-in-One and some others - reprint mags all)

MARVEL AGE - indeed WAS relaunched, this time as an "all ages" line of titles (Spidey & F.F.) until they were renamed as "Marvel Adventures" titles (now with Spidey, F.F., Avengers, Iron Man and now Hulk)

NAMOR - is being relaunched next month (as Sub-Mariner).
He DID have that craptastic aborted series "written" (vomited out) by Bill Jemas, wherein Namor was a horny teenager.

Mercifully, it seems yoyu forgot about that.
I wish I could.

NEW WARRIORS - coming back next month.

SILVER SURFER - yup. A new mini in a month or two. It's easy to lose track of it, since it's been scheduled for publication for over 3 years.

THOR - coming back in a month or two.

MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS - is being relaunched sometime before the end of 2007.
It WILL be an anthology.
Already rumoured to be one of the first inductees is HELLCAT.

ALPHA FLIGHT - renamed and relaunched as OMEGA FLIGHT.

DOCTOR STRANGE - has had 2 solo mini series' since then (and a bunch of great guest spots where it was his title in all but name alone: THOR: Vikings & X-Statix Presets: DEAD GIRL leap to mind)

TERROR, INC. - well... he wasn't relaunched or anything, but he DID feature very heavily in a bunch of issues of the recent Marvel Team Up title.
He's a member of the "League of Losers - with Speedball, Darkhawk, Dagger and some others.
Oh. And he's wearing ARANA's arm after she got herself blowed up.

Oddly, BLADE isn't on that checklist.
His title must have been cancelled just prior to that seeing print.
He's had at least 15 attempts at his own ongoing since then.
None of them were any good or lasted more than a few issues.

The newest one has some promise.
But, it'll get screwed up soon enough.

I'm done.

Just trying to be of service.


Jon said...

Ew, I did totally forget about that Namor book.

SanctumSanctorumComix said...

They brought him back...

TERROR INC. is getting his own MAX mini.

Check it.
Last on the page:


SanctumSanctorumComix said...

Last addendum:

BLADE has just been canceled.

# 12 is the swan song.

*sigh*... I knew it.


Anonymous said...

A BLADE book?



I actually liked the Marvel UK titles but they read best when they were relased in the OVERKILL magazine. Warheads was a great concept: Mercenaires sent through black holes to other points-in-time, dimensions, planets to recover usuable technology for their highly dodgy bosses. Life-expectancy is NOT high. Tell me that's not begging for a Warren Ellis relaunch?!