Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why I don't smoke:

In spite of being a gigantic teenage rebel at the age of 24, I somehow never took up smoking. This is unusual, given my love of walking out of parties and standing out in the cold while doing things that could conceivably kill me.

What stopped me? Freaking Superman. Sure, these ads aired when I was but a tiny Jon, perhaps one egg wide - and sure, I think they only aired on the other side of the Atlantic - and sure, I've linked to one of them before - but I'm reasonably sure I can credit my smoke-free lungs to the mere existence of these PSAs.

Meet Nick O'Teen, cigarette enthusiast and rad themed hat aficionado. His evil scheme? Getting irritating British tots to smoke. His weapon? Lies.
I rather like how Superman beats O'Teen by crushing his cigarettes and shaming him offstage by revealing his nightmarish halitosis. Nick gets off freaking light, man.

Superman hates repeat offenders, though.

Yeah. He threw that guy into orbit. Don't give kids cigarettes, people.


kelvingreen said...

I vividly remember a poster I saw in a doctor's office when I was just about three or four, which may have been from this same campaign. There was a guy walking down the street, he had curly hair, glasses and a beret; exactly the sort of 70's throwback that lasted well into the 80's in comics. Anyway, he's smoking away and Superman X-Ray-visions his lungs and there's this graphic image of these nasty black slabs of meat. That image has stayed with me ever since.

Ironically, there's a rumour that tobacco companies paid the producers of Superman II to lace smoking imagery throughout the film. This is why there's the weird subplot about Lois smoking, and why Zod and chums chuck Superman through a Marlboro truck.

Scipio said...

What rivetingly odd animation!

Jon said...

Either Marlboro paid out the ass for all that sweet, sweet Superman 2 product placement or the production crew had a billion-pack-a-day habit.

thedeadpenguin said...

Wow, the animation in that first video is excellent. Crazy-good fluid shadows on Supes when he's grabbing O'Teen.

Evan Waters said...

I like the attempted American accent from the guy doing Superman's voice.

And how the second one takes place in Metropolis, but Nick O'Teen stumbles across a clump of British children anyway.

kelvingreen said...

Obviously their playground is just outside the Metropolis branch of the British Consulate.

Do I win a No-Prize?

Anonymous said...

Um, is it me or does Superman say "You douchebag, Nick O'Teen!" in that first vid?!

But yeah, cool animation style!