Sunday, April 08, 2007

On the third day, He rose again --

Now Batman has a beard that isn't going to get murdered by David Cain, and it's conveniently built right into his mask.


Devon said...

Love the Bat-Sandals.

kelvingreen said...

The sandals are a bit samurai though. Although Bat-Jesus can wear whatever the damn well He likes.

As an aside, isn't this exactly the kind of batshit loco (pun intended) idea we were expecting when we first heard "Grant Morrison is to write Batman"? And instead we got dodgy cgi photo-novels and Batman going to art galleries.

Jon said...

Yeah, he had regular sandals on for a bit, but they looked too much like Alan Scott's boots. Plus, I figure Batman would forgo historical accuracy in the name of having the ass-kickingest sandals ever made.

And, yeah, I figured Morrison'd shoot us a Bat-Jesus sooner or later - I just thought it'd be his kid, as Batman under Morrison is, in fact, God.

You say "Batman going to art galleries" like said gallery wasn't invaded by ninja man-bats.

kelvingreen said...

Yes, we did get a hint of Morrison's insane genius with the ninja man-bats, but even such an awesome idea loses its sparkle when chucked at us again and again for months on end with no variety. I wanted more! I wanted different!