Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If every word I typed could make you laugh, I'd blog forever

Yeah, I'm a horrible, horrible person, letting this blog slip by the wayside while I tried to bang out another headline-grabbing condemnation of, like, stealing candy from babies or kicking kittens or shooting penguins over on the other blog.

I seriously haven't bought comics since the first week of the month. But I bought a bunch of comics the first week of the month, so let's take a quick look at crap everybody else already talked about a full fortnight gone, shall we?

Astonishing X-Men #16: Reads like fanfiction. Decent fanfiction, but fanfiction. Like, Whedon could play the cliché to the hilt and have Wolverine run into Cloud freaking Strife or something and I don't think I'd bat an eye. I'm sorry, but I'm really not buying this for anything but Cassaday's art, at this point.

Action Comics #842: I think this is officially the most issues of Action Comics I've bought in a row since I was nine or so. That doesn't really say much, because I'm pretty sure that's maybe three consecutive issues from 1992-ish. But, yeah, Action's been good. Pete Woods is the man, Busiek and Nicieza are banging out fun stories, and the cover gimmick is consistently entertaining. Plus, they worked Bill Willingham's Veteran into continuity somewhere outside Robin. That's pretty awesome, right there. And Blue Jay! I can't be the only person happy to see Blue Jay.

Well, maybe I could be. I guess.

Shadowpact #4: Speaking of Willingham, I've got to love anybody who puts out an issue of a team book where only one member of the team shows up. Blue Devil beating up big, stupid demons is exactly as fun as it should be. Maybe a hair close to being an issue of Hellboy, but there're much worse things you could be than an issue of Hellboy. Like an issue of Flash.

Flash #3: God, why do I keep buying this? And how the Hell is Karl Kerschl a guest artist? He's quantifiably a billion times better than whatever guy they've had on the last two issues - he almost made this issue an okay read, if just because it was so damned good-looking, whereas the first two actually grew fingers so as to poke me in the eyes, Three Stooges-style.

X-Factor #10: Best last page I've read in years. I'd totally make out with this book if was a girl and not, like, a bunch of pieces of paper stapled together.

Ultimates Annual #2: Eh, not bad, I guess. The Ryan Sook flashback portions are the best parts, the rest is kinda heavy-handed. Arnim Zola swung this from "forgettable" to "okay." That's his superpower, you know; to make otherwise kinda stupid books at least somewhat memorable.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #33: I totally dig any Ultimate story that introduces new characters - not Ultimate versions of 616 characters, mind, but all-new characters - and Mike Carey and Pasqual Ferry bust out about six of them in their first issue on the book. There's more a sense of wonder and adventure here than the sense of dread and claustrophobia that pervaded the Millar/Land run, and that's a much better fit for the Fantastic Four, especially a freaking teenaged version of the FF.

Ultimate X-Men Annual #2: Mother of God, way to make me hate Nightcrawler in a mere forty-eight pages, Bob. That's an E for Effort, if nothing else.

Young Avengers & Runaways #2: I guess all the characters here have voices I tied pretty strongly to their creators, so they sound kind of... off here a couple times. Other than that, I'm sort of digging this mini, even though I have no idea when the Hell it's taking place. Chase is back with the Runaways, which puts it after the events main Runaways title, which shunts that book back in time, so God only knows where it fits into Marvel continuity on the whole and... aw, screw it.

X-Men #189-190: You think Chris Bachalo knows what's going on on half his pages? It all looks good, mind you, but damn if it's not confusing as Hell. Carey's got a b-squad team going here, and that's totally alright - I can't believe how much I like Cable now, considering how much I hated him not five years ago, and it's probably because I'm just glad to see a mysterious badass who isn't Wolverine or Gambit or Sabretooth. And Rogue's in probably the best costume she's ever had. That's not saying much.

Plus, Northstar and Aurora are way more threatening villains than than they ever were interesting heroes.

Nextwave number whatever, they're all pretty much equally awesome: Totally radical. Rorkannu is the character find of 2006. And the fact that there are, like, three pages of superhero-specific pick-up lines fills me with a joy I cannot use mere words to describe.

I've got, like, three or four 52s hanging about in a pullbox somewhere - Booster Gold still dead? Also, Washington, DC-area readers - I have questions. Shoot me an email at the address over on The World's an Odd Place. I will reward you with love.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Probably the best thing I've ever seen in a newspaper:

I write a newsblog for a local paper and woke up this morning to see that plastered above the paper's title. I guess I really stuck it to that puppy thief.

For your sake, I've cropped out the picture of me - it's one of the worst photos of me ever taken, see. I was suffering from a hangover so severe that men a thousand years ago would have blamed the Gods, trepanated my skull to release the evil spirits, and then written a million-line epic poem about it.

So, yeah, don't steal cancer patient's dogs, or largely unemployed freelance writer/artists are going to get righteously indignant on your ass.