Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shock follows shock!

I'm headed to a wedding in the grim northlands of Upstate New York tomorrow, and I have only the vaguest idea as to when I'll be back. So head over to The World's an Odd Place, where I've put up a Best Of situation to tide people over until my dramatic return.

Oh, and since I like to leave an audience thoroughly boggled...

I dare you to make less sense.


SanctumSanctorumComix said...

I knew the reviews for the new Superman movie were less than stellar, but I had NO idea it was THIS bad.


So Superman leaves Earth for 5 years...and comes back as this?

Is this an alternate Earth or Legion-future?
When did the role of Superman get taken over by Matter-Eating-Lad?
(or is that a grown Bouncing Boy?)

Perhaps he existed on a diet of Hostess Fruit Cakes while in Space.

Glad I skipped it at the theatre.


word verification:

Indian term for lard-ass-superhero.

Flidget Jerome said...

It's like a marvelous fusion of superhero comics, Bollywood and Katamari Damarci.

When's the videogame coming out?

Anonymous said...

Oh i get it!......if you translate it then you get the original "can you read my mind" scence in the first superman movie! So that is what they are saying!

man the passion is there!!

(hold on, I got to wrap some more duct tape around my head before it explodes!!)