Friday, July 07, 2006

Stupid shadows

Got to love the whole Silhouettes That Don't Hide Much thing DC's had going in their solicits lately. Does anyone look at that and go "maybe the guy with the hurricane for an ass is Martian Manhunter!"?

My favorite bit brought up by this image is the couple of places where I've seen Alan Scott ruled out as a JLA member. Not based on the fact that the character in question here isn't wearing a giant cape or anything - he could have a new costume, it wouldn't be the first time they've taken a ride on the Bad Idea Train - but because the GL ring is on the wrong hand. Alan Scott wears his ring lefty and this is a righty! Continuity guides me this day!

Honestly, you know Michael Turner drew this, right? I was just saying that every time (it happens surprisingly often) I feel the need to speak ill of Turner's work, I have to go "I know he's had cancer, but..." It's kinda like saying "not to be a racist, but, God, I hate eskimos." I'm trying to assuage my own guilt before I get into the really negative stuff. Point is, this is a man who, when asked to draw the Elongated Man on the Identity Crisis #1 cover, drew this:Is that Wally West? The teenage version of the Atom? Damage? I really, really thought it was freaking Damage when I first saw it. Seriously, if you're looking at that cover and ruling out Alan Scott on a basis of ring handedness in a picture drawn by a man that gives every single guy he draws the same jawline and nose, you are thinking way too hard.

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