Monday, May 29, 2006

The World Proves Ain't It Cool News Has Exactly No Power

Box Office Mojo > News > 'X-Men' Marvels with Memorial Record

As near as I can tell, roundabouts eighty thousand copies of X-Men sell a month, with about the same number of copies of Uncanny moving, too. So around a hundred thousand people buy X-Books, to the tune of about three hundred grand. The movie made a hundred and three freaking million dollars between Friday and Sunday and another seventeen-ish million on Monday. Unless those hundred thousand X-Men readers went to the theater a hundred and fifty times apiece, there're a whole bunch of people who tripped over themselves getting to the movies this weekend to see something based on something they don't read.

I just find that surprising, since I'm pretty sure the entire Goddamned free world read The Da Vinci Code, and that only cleared seventy-seven million its opening weekend last week.

Who are these people and why don't they read comics?


STBD said...

People who grew up loving the characters but got bored along the way?

Great blog, by the way. Your sense of humor is greatly appreciated.

Jon said...

Hey, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I only read comics when I am borrowing them from you. And I am going to see the movie again on the 5 story screen today.


CalvinPitt said...

Friends and family that get dragged along by the people who do read the comics?

Or, it's people who are just real ready for the summer "Explosion Extravaganza" to get started, and couldn't wait any longer.