Friday, May 19, 2006

Top Fiddy

I blame The Great Curve:

3:Lex Luthor
4:Robin (Tim Drake)
5:Jim Gordon
6:Alfred Pennyworth
7:Oracle (Last four: Batman would be the most annoying character in history were it not for his supporting cast)
8:Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
9:Jack Knight
10:The Shade
12:Ted Knight
13:Lois Lane
15:Flash (Jay Garrick)
16:Mr Terrific (Michael Holt)
18:Robin/Nightwing (Dick Grayson. Tim Drake beats him purely on my own sentimentality)
19:Mr Mind (a freaking mind controlling worm? I dare you to make less sense)
20:Flash (Wally West. Jay's way cooler. Five spaces cooler, apparently)
21:Plastic Man
23:Black Manta (he's patently ridiculous, and I sort of love him for it)
24:Martian Manhunter
25:Captain Cold (the man has an ice gun, and he fights the Fastest Man Alive? His real superpower is hiding those giant balls inside those eskimo pants)
26:Black Adam (if Captain Marvel was ever written interestingly in my lifetime, maybe he'd be here)
27:Harvey Bullock
28:Perry White (if he doesn't know Clark Kent is Superman, he's the worst reporter on earth; if he does, he's the best boss ever)
29:Wesley Dodds
30:Mr Miracle
31:The Atom (Ray Palmer)
32:Starro the Conqueror
34:The Spectre
35:Booster Gold
37:Robbie Reed
38:Amanda Waller
39:Green Lantern (God help me, but Kyle Rayner. I was raised on Morrison-era JLA, okay?)
40:TO Morrow
41:Jonah Hex
42:Enemy Ace (I defy you to design me a better hat than the one he wears)
43:Hugo Strange
46:Metron (if just because knowing that him showing up means that things are about to get ridiculous)
49:Deadshot (don't even bother asking me why)
50:Mr Mxyptlk

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Moose N Squirrel said...

Disappointed with the lack of Captain Marvel, but it's true that nobody at DC has had the presence of mind to handle him intelligently for the last thirty years. But at least you've got the world's wickedest worm up there!