Thursday, May 18, 2006

And when I go there, I go there with you. It's This Week's Reviews

Liiiiiight week.

Shadowpact #1:
You know, I really like Bill Willingham's art. I don't know how long he can keep up this monthly one-man show, but it's good stuff. I like the tone; it could've been ridiculously dark, given the subject matter, and it's not, which is nice. Besides, I can't not recommend a book with Rex the freaking Wonder Dog in it.

Robin #150: Robin busts David Cain, the Living Batman Plotpoint from Bruce Wayne: Murderer and father of the former Batgirl, out of jail. He also fights ninjas. And a boomerang-related subplot is introduced. Freddie Williams continues to perform capably on art, but I was hoping for more bang in a hundred-fiftieth issue, if just because years of reading comics has lead me to expect a ton from arbitrary anniversary issues. That's more my fault than Beechen's, though, so I can't hold it against the book.

52 #2: I'm thinking about just reviewing this every four issues (you know, once a month), because I kinda get the feeling not too terribly much is going to happen per issue. The highlight this time around was Will Magnus hanging out with TO Morrow, but that could be a strictly personal thing, as I think TO Morrow is pretty awesome.

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