Thursday, April 20, 2006

You've started to believe the things they say of you, you really do believe this talk of This Week's Review-hoos

Daredevil #82-84: I honestly love Daredevil, but I haven't read the book in like five or six years. Did I miss anything?

Pretty much got these because Gotham Central was really, really great when Lark and Brubaker were on the book, and the whole Matt Murdock's In Jail! idea interested me. The actual Daredevil doesn't appear at all, but a fill-in's running around Hell's Kitchen conspicuously fighting crime in an effort to toss reasonable doubt on the government's case that Matt Murdock is the man without fear. Bad things happen to Foggy Nelson, Ben Urich and Dakota North play detective, and Matt Murdock beats the living Hell out of a bunch of convicts. In spite of probably a half-dozen established supervillain prisons in the Marvel universe (I'm pretty sure the Raft's still open, in spite of the Sauron-led breakout that created the New Avengers. I'm pretty sure the Vault's still open, in spite of... Hell, the Answer once broke Dr Octopus out of there. I'm pretty sure The Big House is still open, in spite of half the Marvel universe riding out on She-Hulk. I'm pretty sure Reed Richards opened a prison in the Negative Zone... eh, you get it), Daredevil's in Ryker's Island, which somehow houses the Owl, the Black Tarantula, Hammerhead, Kingpin and freaking Bullseye in General Population. It's a bit of a stretch, but it makes for a good story.

(By the way, if #82's sold out where you are, the shop near me seems to have grievously over-ordered it. So if you need a two-month old comic and you're in the bottom-right corner of Connecticut, there're more than enough copies to go around, from the look of things.)

Robin #149: Another C-list Batman villain's been whacked, but it doesn't seem to be related to the murders in Batman and Detective, and it's a character of a much more recent vintage than Ventriloquist or freaking Magpie. Pretty soon, they'll be down to the gaggle of willfully lame villains Willingham populated this book with a few months ago, and I'll shed a single, manly tear at the passing of Tapeworm.

Karl Kerschel's off the book, replaced by Freddie Williams II, who handles things capably. The solicits for the next couple months make it sound like Beechen's got some good ideas for this book. Maybe he'll show Tim Drake learning advanced freaking genetics and cloning in a high school. They probably teach things like "How To Build a Cave in Geologically Unstable Environments" in tech ed.

Birds of Prey #93: Black Canary's still off learning extra martial arts from Lady Shiva's teacher and the remaining Birds are dealing with the fallout from Crime Doctor's defection from the Society. Gypsy looks unsettlingly like Huntress sans mask; luckily, they don't share panel time. Next month, we get Prometheus. I feel like Simone'll handle the character in such a way that he could live up the potential shown in his first couple appearances. Here's hoping, anyway. Snappy read.

Ex Machina Special #1 (of 2): Yeah, it's pretty much just this month's issue of Ex Machina, but Tony Harris didn't draw it, and therefore it is special. Chris Sprouse turns in some great stuff in a flashback that finally shows us Mitch Hundred's archenemy, Jack Pherson. Pherson's got Hundred's power, more or less, except that he can talk to animals where Mitch talks to machines. The blurb for next month calls him "all-powerful," which is overstating things a bit, but it's still a pretty powerful... uhm... power, when you think about it.

Nextwave #4: The Captain (who looks unsettlingly like a guy I went to school with) got his powers from space aliens he thought were leprechauns and the team fights a Gundam. Still funny, but I kind of miss Dirk Anger.

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