Monday, February 13, 2006

Why I Can't Hate Geoff Johns

The comments thread from This Week's Reviews is alight (well, as "alight" as anything can be with five total posts, three of which are from the same guy) with criticism of Geoff Johns for his multi-issue buildup of a plot point that turned out to be bitterly underwhelming (why in the Hell would Superman have a freaking Phantom Zone arrow, anyway? In what situation is an arrow a better solution than the giant beam a Phantom Zone projector... uhm... projects?), and I find myself unable to defend him. That story went freaking nowhere.

However, Johns is riding on eternal goodwill from the first arc on Teen Titans. Specifically, one page:
The first five or six issues of the book consistently has one of the best-written Robins I've ever read. Tim Drake comes off as capable, conflicted (this is right around the period when he wanted to tell his father he was Robin, leading up to Tim's short retirement and the career of the Steph Brown Robin, remember) and smarter than the three veteran Titans. Okay, maybe not smarter than Cyborg, but certainly more on the ball than Starfire and Beast Boy.

"You just lied to Starfire?!" "I lie to Batman." That's fantastic. Everybody's supposed to be scared of Batman. That's the point of Batman. Tim Drake lies to him. Therefore, Tim Drake has no fear. Of anything.

He fights Deathstroke in the same storyline. Granted, this is pre-Identity Crisis, so it's not the Deathstroke that took out the Satellite League with a laser pointer, but you've got to give the kid credit.

Point is, Johns writes a really good Robin. And that, for some stupid reason, lessens the blow of subplots that fizzle into freaking nothingness. But, hey, the Stupid Blue Arrow fixed Doom Patrol chronology... somehow. Got to pat it on the back for that, at least.


kelvingreen said...

Oh Johns is definitely riding on some sort of goodwill, because he's not riding on talent.

It's only a little unfair; I do like that first [b]Teen Titans[/b] arc more than I dislike it.

kelvingreen said...

Bah. Stupid formatting.