Thursday, December 08, 2005

You think it's strange that there's a way of how you look and how you act and how you think; Pretend they're not This Week's Reviews

Fifty/fifty Marvel/DC split for now, as the Other Pullbox is well out of range for today. I know Ultimates 2 #9's in there, so nobody mention Jarvis getting glocked or anything.

Got Ultimates. The pull is weighted slightly more towards Marvel now.

DC goes first in my heart and first in the column.

Gotham Central #38: Jim Corrigan is a bad, bad man. The cover busts out a Spectre logo. If this is a red herring, it's the biggest red herring in ever. A red shark. Or a red, like, narwhal. You know, those polar-region small whales with giant horns? Yeah, one of those. But red. It's six- or sevenshadowing.

Anyway, not much I can say about this one that wouldn't be a spoiler. That Corrigan, though; He's a dick. Next issue should be a good one (and it better be, because, if memory serves, it's the last issue).

JSA Classified #5: Sold out last week, grabbed it on reorder today. Look, I'll admit it, anything with Solomon Grundy in it is going to make me smile. He's like Zombie Stupid Hulk, all Me Grundy Me Want Be Left Alone and punching people for silly reasons. And, no matter how many times he dies, he almost always manages to find the same doofy suit.

Anyway, the Injustice Society gets back together to spring Prometheus's Cosmic Key from the JSA Museum (the JSA don't know what it is or how it got there and haven't had the sense to call in the League, even though street cops in Metropolis have been able to assemble a makeshift League to work murder scenes despite them being all dissolved and not-Leaguey. Go figure). The Wizard's in a more AbraKadabara-ish costume than when we saw him last, Ragdoll has a superball with a face for a head and Tigress still has one of the lamest costumes ever. Gentleman Ghost makes his second cover appearance in as many months, but this time, it makes sense.

Grundy gets the best line of the issue, Ragdoll's suitably creepy and Manson-ish and nothing in the world will ever make me actually like Icicle. But it's a good issue and a more promising storyline than the last one, arguably. Granted, it won't be as "important," but I think it'll be more entertaining and way less likely to be completely summarized in one issue of Infinite Crisis somewhere down the line.

By the way, didn't Infinite Crisis #2 ship this time last month? I know I got it the same week as the last issue of Gotham Central, and they're both in my pull box. There a reason for that?

Marvel Zombies #1: Hee hee. This is like the dumbest idea for a story ever, but it's so damned cute. Granted, zombies aren't cute, really, but they banter wittily about eating people and bitch when Zombie Spider-Man (Spider-Zombie?) goes off on one of his trademark self-loathing rants. Plus, Magneto gets to brutalize a gang of characters he doesn't normally get to jam i-bars through the chests of, and that's always fun to watch.

It's like some kind of insane zombie sitcom with Luke Cage in it.

Marvel Team-Up #15: This has potential to be the best freaking thing ever. Speedball! Darkhawk! That kid that's pretty much a ripoff of Invincible! Time-traveling villains killing all the important heroes so that abject losers have to save the world and find the inevitable Cosmic Reset Button that'll undo the incredible number of deaths that take place throughout the issue! I mean, Hell, you know pretty much exactly how this one will turn out, but if you aren't mildly curious to see Sleepwalker and Terror Fucking Inc, you've got some kind of fun-killing tumor.

I like that Kirkman's introducing viable-looking new villains into the Marvel Universe. I mean, who's the last world-beater to pop up? Chuck Xavier's heretofore unknown evil twin?
Scarlet Witch?

I'm just glad to see a bad guy from the future who isn't Kang and therefore doesn't have a huge man-crush on the Avengers, I think.

Ultimates 2 #9: Holy crap. Things get bad, things get worse, Bryan Hitch bangs out some pages that look like he happened to have them sitting in a drawer somewhere, leftover from the first Authority arc. Looks pretty, stuff happened, it didn't have the silly Gold Standard for some reason, all is well here. For fear of spoiling things (further), I shall be brief and cryptic: Reverse-Cap is cool as Hell, Loki's a total dick, and Ultimate That Loser From The Soviet Super-Soldiers makes his first appearance.

And Mark Millar's political views only take up, like, half the dialog this time around.


kelvingreen said...

Good call on all of these, especially MTU, which is the best Avengers book Marvel are publishing without that title.

I think IC is running late. There were a gang of inkers on #2, and that's always a bad sign, so i'd guess the art is taking a while. I don't know why though, because it's really bad.

And I think Solomon Grundy is cool too. Best character DC have, imho. He had a great cameo in Klarion too.

Ragnell said...

IC#3 got pushed back to the 28th. Possibly due to all of the other delays at DC, since it's a major crossover. Someone at some board or another suggested this was to make things more convenient for fans who pick up only at the end of the month, so they won't run into spoilers.

kelvingreen said...

No, it's got to be the art. #2 had a bunch of inkers (never a good sign) and it still looked crappy, so I bet the art is running behind.

Jon said...

Even if it is the art, saying it's for the fans is such the better smokescreen than saying "this month's issue of Action has four inkers because John Byrne is a fuckface."

It makes me think they love me when I know that is not true. If they did, JLA wouldn't suck so consistently.

kelvingreen said...

Heh, perhaps for the next Fifth Week event, they can do "Honest Editors Week"...

Ragnell said...

DC needs to get these miniseries finished before they start selling them.