Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One Last Sweetin Post

I'm still getting hits from my blatant traffic grab from a few days back. People are still searching the web for the middle child from Full House. I still don't know why.

Many of them cannot spell her name properly. To the left is a Google search for "Jodie Sweeten," which I submit to the court as Exhibit A. Visual aids are fun!

I draw your attention to point A. "The Official Jodie Sweetin Fanlisting." Note carefully that they have misspelled the name of She Who They Love Most. I find that funny.

Point B: "Wang." Tee hee. By the way, that page? Cannot Be Displayed. I have no idea what the Hell it is.

Point C: Me. I bring no useful information to the table and my site's description is pleasantly vulgar. Like me!

Point D: Defamer. Under me. Google thinks I'm more relevant to this conundrum than the site where I saw it mentioned first. Hah.

Edit: Without the quotes, I skyrocket to number 2. And number 8, if you factor in the Siren.


Ragnell said...

My sister says Google lists your site based on how many people link to you. That's why she bugged me to blog for so long, so I could link to her and up her relevance.

I think it's pretty cool you're number 3.

Jon said...

No way more people link to me than to Defamer, though.

I prefer to think that Google has a crush on me. I know MSN does. Yahoo and Dogpile can go to Hell.