Sunday, December 18, 2005

Inertia City Blues

As previously mentioned, I do a l'il webcomic, mostly for my own entertainment. But I've just thrown a link to it over on the sidebar because I'm a whore.

Anyway, it's the story of a man who becomes a masked adventurer after a vigilante dies in his apartment. He sets out to figure out why this poor bastard was killed and opens up a whole can of worms in a city with a firmly established superhero population and a giant robot problem.

New pages up every Sunday night or Monday, depending mostly on how much I'm paying attention to football.


kelvingreen said...

Well, you know. Superheroes, bleh. But I liked it anyway. The art's a bit unusual, but I really like the style. It's an interesting use of flat colours. And the story's quite intriguing too. I also like the script, which has the smart-mouthedness (?) of Warren Ellis, without the painful coolness or bring cynicism.

I hope we see more of the "Thor-Girl". She seems pretty interesting.

kelvingreen said...

and that sounds more negative than I meant it to. Must have been having a bad day.