Tuesday, December 13, 2005

DC Solicits... there's a prostitution joke in there somewhere.

Remember Wizard's bunch of stupid questions?

Of course you do, the whole freaking internet's been blathering nerdily about them for a couple weeks. I still haven't actually gotten the issue, by the way. Either my subscription was finally euthanized or some guy at the post office really wanted to ogle some cartoon cans.

Anyway, DC's solicits for March came out today, and a few of the questions are answered. By the way, spoilers abound below, and I'm in no mood to invisotext, so trod forward at your own risk.

One of these characters will be stripped of their powers: Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Lantern/Hal Jordan

My guess: Wonder Woman.

Supergirl's clearly still using her powers (and Power Girl's still on the same Earth, which I wasn't really expecting) over in Supergirl #7.

It would seem Hal still has his ring in GL # 10.

Superman's got some kind of ludicrous eight-issue storyline going, but none of the covers show him actually doing super-anything. It's a whole bunch of Clark Kent. So maybe it's him.

No Wonder Woman issue in March, what with it being canceled. Odds look good that Superman's the right answer, but I'll stick to my guns until I'm proven utterly wrong.

One of these characters will become the mayor of a crime-riddled city: Wally West, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen

My Guess: Bats.

It's Ollie. I do like the new art team on that book. McDaniel would seem to fit drawing GA better than Robin.

One of these characters will be the only one around after "Infinite Crisis": The Flash/Wally West, Superboy/Connor Kent, Green Lantern/Guy Gardner, Nightwing/Dick Grayson

My Guess: Superboy.

Now, from the blog reading I've been doing, it seems I read this question differently than... every other person on earth. Seems they all thought this question meant that only one of those characters would be around in general. I took it to mean that they'd be the sole bearers of their particular title. You know, for Wally to be the only Flash, Jay Garrick and Kid Flash would have to die, for Superboy to be the only Super-anything, Clark and Kara would have to be gone, for Guy to be the only Lantern, Hal would have to kill everybody again and for Nightwing to be the only former Robin, Jason Todd and Tim Drake would have to be out of the picture.

If the way I read it is right, I'm probably wrong. Looks like Superboy's out of the picture. That looks to be Robin, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Kid Flash. If Superboy's not in the Titans, that cat ain't anywhere. Though Kara's going to both Kandor and the future and Clark looks to be 'retiring,' so I still may stand a chance of correctitude.

Nightwing's on the cover of Outsiders #34 and at least his hand is on the cover of his own book, so I'm assuming Dick's still alive. He's actually the only one on the list that appears on a cover in March, as far as I can tell. So, if the correct way to read it was "everyone on this list is screwed except for one guy," I'm going to have to think the answer is Nightwing.

One of these characters will destroy an entire country and kill millions: Braniac, Sinestro, Black Adam, Vandal Savage

My Guess: Adam or Savage.

There's nothing clear either way, but JSA Classified #10 is about Vandal Savage's quest for vengeance against Green Lantern and "the worst year of his life." He's the only one of the four mentioned in any of the solicits, I think. Could he have done something absolutely ridiculous, gotten his ass kicked by Alan Scott, and then been chased about for a year? Maybe. I don't know. I'm not a magician.

Those are the only ones I could take shots at after gunning through the new solicits. The other questions are still in the dark, as near as I can tell.

Oh, hey, James Robinson gets both Batman and Detective in March. That's pretty cool.


kelvingreen said...

I just noticed that Teen Titans has been Marvelised and they're calling them the New Teen Titans. Ug.

Nightwing-with-a-knife might be Jason Todd (although I don't see Dick giving Jason his name willingly).

Jon said...

It's not like they haven't been the New Teen Titans before.

Yeah, Nightwing could be Jason, I suppose. Red Hood appears on the cover to the Batman Annual shipping in March, though, so I'm not sure. I thought maybe Nightwing could be Nite-Wing, the hardcore vigilante from Dixon's run on the title, but he's probably dead by now. Plus, he was blond.

I actually really like the new Robin costume. I don't know if it'll stick, but it's pretty cool looking. The solicits make it sound like Tim's going to do something crazy to piss off Bats and end up being wanted for murder, so I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that he offs either Mrs Atom or Cap'n Boomerang (Digger's been MIA since Flash #225, if I remember correctly).

kelvingreen said...

Were they the New Teen Titans, or just the New Titans? I forget.

I don't mind the colours on New Robin, although they do seem dark and moody and EXTREME! to me, and I thought the DCU was trying to get away from that, post-Crisis2. That said, if Robin is going on the run because he's wanted for murder, that's obviously not the case.

But while I like the colours, I'm not into the Gatchaman cape and the really dull "R" symbol.

Jon said...

Both, actually.

Anyway, I sort of like Robin getting more thematically linked to Batman, since they never seem to actually have the two of them work together anymore. Batgloves and a serrated cape make him look more Batmanny, and I don't mind Batman's supposed sidekick looking like his supposed mentor.