Saturday, December 03, 2005

Blatant Traffic Grab

I'm not home, nor will I be for a little while, so here's your update:


That'll guarantee like eighty hits, if the weird "everybody is searching MSN for 'Jodie Sweeten' " meme holds up for a few more hours. You should see what mentioning her yesterday has done for the traffic over on The Drudge Siren. It's freaking ridiculous. Especially since her name is spelled with an "I." So "Jodie Sweetin."

While I'm at it, "Danny Bonaduce."

And, uhm, "boobs."


Updated: 2-1-06: Finally, actual info for people sent here by Google.

Updated 6-8-06: She's hosting a stripping-based show on a channel no one watches.


Ragnell said...

Man, you have to tell me if that works.

Jon said...

It's pulled in the odd Technorati and Feedster search, but MSN loves the Gutters not, apparently. The Siren's still grabbing an extra forty to fifty hits today, owing much to the fact that we didn't spell her name right and neither do, apparently, about two hundred MSN users searching for her.

It's really one of the damnedest things I've seen while looking at referral logs, though. So many people searching for something so obscure is so strange.

Tom Foss said...

Dude, I totally came here looking for pics of Jodie Sweetin fucking Danny Bonaduce's boobs. Now I feel gypped. Thanks a lot.

Seriously, what do you use to find out what people searched for to find your site?

Jon said...

SiteMeter. It doesn't give you the search words unless you get the not-free version, but it'll give you the link the visitor clicked to get to the site.

Jon said...

Hah hah, pulled like forty Sweetin hits last night. I can't believe people are still searching for her, and I can't believe how many people spell her name wrong.

kelvingreen said...

I don't have any clue who she is, so I had to do a search.

Now I have to ask why people are searching the web for her? What's going on?

Jon said...

Not a clue, that's why it's so weird. Most of the sites mentioning her, according to Technorati, as asking why people are searching for her. So it's like some kind of mad internet circlejerk.

In fact, about a quarter of those searching are asking if she's dead. Which she isn't, near as I can tell.

Anonymous said...

She recently got in some trouble with crystal meth.. lost her husband and had an intervention w/the Olsen Twins, John Stamos and others.. that is news.. I guess..

frank fry said...

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