Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quickie Review or How Many Things Are Wrong With This Cover?

This Week's Reviews are sadly delayed by having a fucking life. In fact, a girl is angry with me for doing this right now.

So, JLA #122. More of the Key. More Green Arrow and Black Canary having conversations that are better suited to happen in Ollie's own title. More of the League somehow getting called in even though they've disbanded. Blah.

Here's the answer to the question posed in the title, though:


First off, Hal Jordan's on the cover but not in the issue.

Second, Flash can't fucking fly, in spite of what years of drug abuse by the SuperFriends staff has shown us.

Back to the girl!


Ragnell said...

In fact, a girl is angry with me for doing this right now.

Where are her priorities?

Jon said...


Tom Foss said...

You forgot to mentikon that Supergirl is drawn wrong. Her eyes are normal sized, her waist isn't in danger of snapping, and she doesn't look anything like Michael Turner's drawings. For shame, DC.

Ragnell said...

No, comics books and blogging, then real life interest. Your priorities seem normal for this subculture. I meant the girl who was angry with you.

(Of coruse, you realize I'm joking, right? Right?)

Jon said...

I meant her priority was me, see. But I was kind of drunk at the time.