Thursday, October 27, 2005

Momma don't take Some More Reviews away

One more review for the week, out of my other pullbox.

Flash #227: I don't know if it's because everything else I read today kind of sucked (excepting those two back issues of Marvel Team-Up. Damn, that alternate-Earth Tony Stark's cool), but this was pretty solid. After last month's poor showing, anything'd look good (much like how next month's Teen Titans will look like Jack Kirby and God banged a comic book out onto solid gold and unused pages of the Book of Revelation in light of what I had crapped into my brain today), but any book with a scene where Wally West gets baby gifts from Nightwing, Batman and Wonder Woman (she sent bracelets and a sword. That's awesome) makes me love comics all over again.

I never thought I'd say this, but thank you, Joey Cavalieri. Thank you for giving me a book with creepy Jack Chick religious children as the villains. Thank you for not writing an issue where Wally climbs a mountain. Thank you for having Wally sing Queen's Flash Gordon theme to himself while he saved people.

God, I feel better for having written a positive review.

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