Sunday, September 18, 2005

To: AICN Talkbackers:

RE: Justice League Unlimited.

For God's sake, it wasn't Skeletor, it was Doctor Destiny.

Also, I don't know how you can possibly complain about a show that's giving you a fucking Warlord-centric episode. Or Deadman. Or Fire. Or Aztek! Did you ever think you'd get a cartoon where Aztek gets lines?

Wah wah, Flash could've just grabbed the gun before Lex Luthor finished saying that he would shoot the Blackhawk. Fuck you. Did you ever watch an episode of Superfriends? Because those guys gave Superman the hardcore stupids every week.

Just be glad you have a show where the Flash can make little whirlwinds with his arms and yell that he's 'just like a helicopter,' because that's as good as you're getting.

I just wish they'd give Hawkgirl a proper costume again, because she's been wearing a tracksuit for, like, a full season, and it's kind of ridiculous.

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