Friday, September 09, 2005

Got me This Week's Reviews, I want you to know

Light week. I did order the second Ex Machina trade, though. So get excited.

Villains United #5:
Poor Monsieur Mallah. He takes, seriously, a hundred bullets here and loses an ear. Cheshire proves that, along with being an expert on poisons, she's also amazing at predicting her own period of maximum fertility. Catman puts together clues that the bizarre sideshow that is the DC Messageboard worked out four months ago. The group of villains assembled to take out the Secret Six includes the original Ragdoll (you know, the one that ended up in Starman? And then joined the Injustice Society? Empowered by Neron? That one? Yeah). The Ventriloquist and Mr Zsasz are in there, too. And Bolt, who's apparently made a full recovery. The thing is, they got Amazo in there. I mean, Amazo and Deathstroke alone should be more than enough to take out freaking Catman and company, but I guess the point is more in the excess than anything else.

Seriously, though, who invited Ventriloquist?

Somebody finally remembered that Vandal Savage would probably be involved in this whole debacle, though, and that's nice.

These minis are getting read more because I'm now concerned that nothing will make sense to me by October's end if I don't keep up with this crap. This one's remained my favorite of the four, oddly enough, I think because I really like Deadshot. Go figure on that one. Plus, in my mind, it's been really easy to beat Rann/Thanagar.

Marvel Team-Up #12: Ah, the Character Says One Thing/Panel Art Shows Another trick is used to decent effect here, even though lying to Dr Strange and Wolverine (who can evidently 'smell' lying) is a terrible idea. Titannus is a bastard, the assembled heroes (who Spider-Man decides must be 'The Champions,' in spite of vocal protests from most involved, save Nova, who thinks of it as a better gig than being a New Warrior) decide to fight him. That's the whole issue. Art's nice throughout, but I honestly don't need to know a villain's whole life story before I see She-Hulk punch him.

Gotham Central #35: Robin's way friendlier with Batman here than he is in his own book. That's pretty much the only thing I can take away from this one. Typical middle chapter that'll read better when I have the whole story handy. It's like watching the middle fifteen minutes of Law & Order, really. It's good, but you've got no real beginning or ending. So I can't much judge.

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