Monday, September 05, 2005

Favorite Costumes, Day I Forget:

Mister Miracle. Every single one of my favorite things piled on to one ridiculous outfit.

Mysterious Metal Bangles, gigantic collar, some kind of weird-ass space-god weightlifting belt, lots of superfluous little circle-things, and a Mexican wrestling mask.

He looks like a Christmas-themed luchadore, really. El Santo... Claus.

Miracle's one of those characters where you'd have no idea who he was were you given the task of picking a guy out of a group shot with only a name to go by. He's got no big M on his belt buckle, or, say, a picture of Jesus making a pile of fish emblazoned across his chest. His theming leaves much to be desired. But his get-up's awesome, and I'm pretty sure it's why there's an outcry for a Mister Miracle series every couple of years, even though everybody knows there's only so many ways you can plausibly get into a situation where you need to be The Greatest Escape Artist of Three Worlds in order to bust out.

Plus, his name is Scott Free, for God's sake. Scott Free! That's awesome on every level.

Honorable Mention: Eh, let's say... I don't know, Orion? The Honorable Mentions have all been related to the actual picks somehow, but I really can't say I like too many other New God costumes. Alright, I'll go with Barda. Barda is the honorable mention.

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