Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Favorite Costumes, Day The Earth Turned Slower

Previous Favorite Costumes: Alan Scott - Mister Miracle - The Creeper - Dr. Strange - Dr. Doom - Iron Man

Blue Beetle.
Ah, poor, dead Blue Beetle. Like Spider-Man, but all blue. With goggles. Goggles can make up for the lack of a cape and a giant doofy collar. Both are things that no human being could ever get away with in real life.

Think about it. Were you, say, robbing a bank, and someone yelled at you to stop all dramatically, and you turned about and saw that the voice came from a guy wearing a bug-themed cowl with big yellow goggles, I'm pretty sure your reaction would be laughter.

Or, you know, to pull a Max Lord and just shoot the guy right in the face.

I thank God that the antenna ended up being a deco on his mask rather than actual, you know, Tick-style antenna. Because that would just put this one over the top. I can take Mister Miracle's reckless use of lifting belts and yellow metal circles that serve no purpose, I can take Alan Scott's apparent inability to match colors, but antenna on a character I'm meant to take even kind of seriously is crossing a line.

The Rubicon is made of dangly headpieces, and I refuse to cross.

Honorable Mention: Elongated Man. But Elongated Man early on, when his outfit had a great big "E" on it, in case you were shaky on which guy was the Elongated Man and couldn't work it out from the, you know, elongation. That's a hard name to convey with a chest logo.

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