Friday, September 02, 2005

Another quick question:

Anybody know where I can dig up a sheriff star like Jack Knight's for less than, let's say, ten bucks? I've seen some that're close, but they're going for upwards of forty (one presumes this is an effort to prevent people from pretending to be Texas Rangers, or something).

I'm trying to put together a Halloween costume here, you see, and while I can build a servicable-looking Cosmic Rod, metalwork is beyond my means.



collectededitions said...

Would the Starman Cloissone Pin from a while back do? This isn't my auction, but I saw it on eBay. I remember wanting this sucker badly when it first came out.


Jon said...

I ended up making one out of my old buddy Sculpey. It actually looks pretty good on the leather jacket I got for four dollars off eBay. Now, my biggest roadblock is trying to put that logo on the back, which I might just not do at all.