Thursday, August 18, 2005

Wow, what an odd week.

I don't think anything shipped that I actually read besides Ultimate X-Men, so I ended up getting two issues I'd missed due to the vagaries of shipping and selling out.

JSA: Classified #1: This one sold out a couple weeks back, so this here's a second-printing with a fairly spiffy penciled cover. My comic shop guy told me it was an "unannounced Infinite Crisis tie-in." I figured there'd be, like, an OMAC at the end or Dr Psycho or something, but I just got another twenty pages of Power Girl not knowing what her origin is followed by a two-page curveball that'll probably end in some Hypertiming or, at least, a busy Mark Waid.

Speaking of characters that've gotten recent retcons, anyone else see John Bryne's internet lackeys working themselves into a lather over the references to the pre-Bryne Doom Patrol in Action Comics? Seems JB didn't want Superman bringing up Shrapnel's past as a Patrol villain, going so far as writing a note on his penciled pages about it, but editorial ran with it anyway, because I'm pretty sure they're going to can this current DP run and drop a gigantic Cone of Silence over the whole failed experiment soonly.

Point is, so far as I'm concerned, the original Doom Patrol blew themselves up to save a small town. It's too good a story to change just because you really like writing Negative Man or have a weird grudge about fans remembering things. But that's just me.

Anyway, Johns has been dangling obtuse hints to Power Girl's origin for so freakin' long, it's nice to get some resolution, even if it's outside JSA. It really feels like Classified should be used for, say, flashback issues with the old Society and this should be a back-up story or a subplot, but Amanda Conner turns in some nice art, so I can't rightly complain.

Iron Man #4: Cute how Marvel's given up on putting the publication month on their covers. When the Hell'd the third issue of this one come out, anyway?

In case you're just joining the title with this issue, Tony Stark's Iron Man, but no one knows it (which is odd, given that... everyone knew it when I was last reading Avengers regularly, back during the Johns/Copiel or Kolins run. Anyone know if there was a reason given for the change, or was the editor too scared of Ellis to correct him?). He's friends with a girl who'd developed a variant on the (Goddamned) Super-Soldier Serum which was, of course, stolen and ingested by a crazy person who beat the Hell out of Iron Man and is now (slowly) moving on Washington.

Alright, I love Ellis, I really do, but this story's taking way too long. I don't know if it's just because it's taken so long to give me four issues (which'd be Adi Granov's fault) or if it's just that this story's three parts stretched to six. I suspect it's more the latter.

I mean, read that summary I just gave. A solid third of that paragraph was a bullshit aside, people. There's not much there. That's the first five pages of a Roy Thomas story, and he'd've worked in seven or eight really horrible statements about women somewhere in the middle. And Rick Jones would've been involved.

JSA: Lost: Yeah, I read JSA in trades. I'm one of those bastards ruining the industry for the rest of you. Like the Flash, JSA's good old-fashioned superhero nonsense, and I'm glad it exists. I like to read the occasional story where no one questions how stupid it is to be dressed like, say, Wildcat. Plus, this book has the decency to sum up the prior trades right at the beginning, which is great for those hypothetical 'new readers' out there, even if the rundown seems to have World War 3 confused with Crisis Times Five, but you'd have to be a total nerd to even be bothered by such a thing.

...and I am just such a nerd.

Ultimate X-Men #62: Well, I think this marks the first time Magneto's ever made a direct allusion to Macolm X, which means that any subtlety's now out the window.

One more thing:

In the comic shop today, a man was browsing the racks with his two young sons. The boys couldn't have been older than four or five and they were looking, furiously, for Thor. THOR. How in the Hell does a five year old know Thor?

It was weird, is all.

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collectededitions said...

I'll probably read JSA: Lost after I re-read Identity Crisis in hardcover, but I'll have to look for the little mix-up you mention. That is interesting ...