Sunday, August 28, 2005

I was reading the DC messageboards again. I don't know why,

Rampant It Is Coming Up On Three AM and I Just Made a Pie theorizing follows.

Anyway, somebody linked to a picture (the cover for Infinite Crisis #1, apparently) as proof that Lex Luthor would be the new Spectre. This based on the fact that Luthor didn't appear on the cover.

Others argued that it's Max Lord, who'd engineered his death at the hands of Wonder Woman to springboard him into a position of ridiculous power in the Great Beyond*. This based on the fact that he's died recently. Which puts Rocket Red Number Seven (EDIT: Sorry, Four. I don't know what I was thinking, and I'm surprised no one called me on it. Seven was a Manhunter. Boo, bad me.) in the running, too, but it's clearly not him, as Spectre lacks his hilarious beard.

Still others argued Ted Kord. Again, the recent death thing.

A few mentioned, as I have, the Jim Corrigan running around in Gotham Central, but I still fear that's way too easy and far too enticing a red herring.

Anyway, the Spectre in that picture is all full up of birdies. Doesn't look to be a girl Spectre, so I'm ruling out Raven. But Geoff Johns offed Extant (well, Atom-Smasher did it, but Johns is one of the architects of all this nonsense). Extant who was Hawk. Hawk who was a hero-turned-villain. Hawk who has a weird habit of popping up in the middle of important stories.

I hope to God I'm wrong, I really do, but I can't see a reason George Perez would throw in all the birds unless it was some kind of silly clue.

(Also, Spectre's sporting a really weird collar in that picture, isn't he? All the sudden, he noticed he lacked a ubiquitous Mysterious Metal Bangle with which to hold his cape on?)

*It has been made alarmingly clear that God (excuse me, "The Presence") doesn't pay much attention to the Spectre's doings, so maybe he doesn't do a job interview for the gig.


Woody! said...

Wow. Rocket Red is dead, too? Man, no wonder Giffen and DeMatties left.

Jon said...

Yeah. Blew himself up inside a Lantern-created forcefield to take out three OMACs. And then a million OMACs woke up. So kind of a drop in the bucket. I'm sure Superman is very, very angry with Red now, since he's so very much against killing, the big whiny bitch.