Sunday, August 14, 2005

Favorite Costumes, Day Two:

Dr Doom. You'll notice, over the next few days, that I have a thing for silly capes.

In particular, I like the ones held on by either rope or Mysterious Metal Circle Things, a Jack Kirby staple. Capes of this style are weirdly commonplace, especially over in the DC Universe, where capes were handed out alongside superhero code names. Look at the cover to the trade edition of World War 3. Tell me Howard Porter wasn't thinking "how many absurdly caped characters can I work into this image?"

Seriously, Hourman and Spectre are rocking the hooded cape with the pointy shoulders, Martian Manhunter's got the same sort of mysterious metal bangles holding his cape up that Doom has, same with Alan Scott and Mr Miracle, and Captain Marvel and Red Tornado both have capes with collars held on by lengths of rope. It's amazing.

I'm curious what Red Tornado was planning on doing in space. Just seems to be a lack of foresight on his part, going to a place with no air.

Marvel characters were less likely to get capes than their DC counterparts. Thor had one, Black Panther occasionally had the tiny little Captain Marvel-style half-cape, Magneto had one, and Doom had one. Only the really regal guys rated capes.*

Doom's got a classy medieval knight look going for him, what with the armor and all, but it's the creepy hooded cape that makes the outfit. I'm willing to overlook the fact that he's wearing a skirt because of the hood.

Honorable mention: The Spectre. Doom's cape, but the rest of his costume's little booties, a pair of gloves, and green underoos, so Doom wins. By the way, if there's a reason there's a cop named "Jim Corrigan" in Gotham Central other than the fact the Spectre needs a new home, it's the meanest damned red herring in ever.

*Yeah, yeah, Black Knight and Melter had capes, I know. That kinda shoots a hole in my "regal" theory.

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